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Brave waves of enemies in the great colosseum !

Arena is a high difficulty game.  Be ware, you'll have to try hard to get good results ! Play wave mode and defeat deadly waves of more and more enemies, or  see how long you can survive against continuously apprearing ennemies in survival mode !

The game is still in development. Feel free to give us feedbacks and bug reports by leaving a comment (known bugs are listed at the bottom). We would enjoy to team up with graphists to have our own assets, contact us if you're interested.

Controls :

← → / ↑ or Spacebar / ↓ Left Stick    Move / Jump / Crouch
WSquare / X   Jab 
ETriangle / Y  Kick (Pushes your ennemies back)
RCircle / B      Sword
SRT / R2Slide (Cancels ennemy attack)
DLT / L2Dodge
TDPad DownInteract with items
P or Escape
StartPause the game

We highly recommand you to play with a controller, however we didn't have time to make the menu usable with it yet.

Targets for future improvements:

  • Bugs Fixes
  • Ergonomy and accessibility (controller navigability in menus, controls settings...)
  • Juice
  • Balancing
  • HUD improvements
  • High score system
  • Coop mode

Known bugs :

  • Persistant feedbacks : 
    • When hitting an enemy by sliding, the particles are persistant
    • When the player dies, particles are persistant
    • -Didn't identify the conditions- The text for the amount of damage sometimes also sticks to the screen

Patch notes :

  • v1.1 (28/02) :
    • StoryMode loads correctly
    • Player can now restart when loosing in SurvivalMode
    • Removed StoryMode's HUD from SurvivalMode
  • v1.2 (01/03) :
    • Improved StoryMode's HUD and difficulty curve

Arena is  made with Unreal Engine, for the UE4 Jam Winter 2019 by :  
Esteban SAINZ
We're a team of students in computer science, thus we know how to program but not how to draw or model. Therefore, please apologize for the many tierce assets we use.

Made using serveral free assets :
Player character : https://rvros.itch.io/animated-pixel-hero
Enemies : https://stensven.itch.io/light-heavy-bandit
Seller : 

Check out our GitHub : https://github.com/BRousserie/UE4JamWinter/


Arena_v1.2.zip 96 MB
Arena_v1.0.zip 98 MB

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